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Farmer is one particular person who does several kinds of things related to agriculture and provides a significant amount of growth to the country’s overall GDP. Especially in the parts of the Indian region, farmers make Great rules to give great strength to the region’s economy. That is why the farmer is essential for any countries right growth, and it is indispensable for every government to take good care of the farmers.

Every country needs to take part in the farmer’s proper growth, which is essential to save the world also. The farmer only manages all the things related to agriculture, which provides you all the variety of foods like wheat rice and so on, which is very necessary for you to consume to get all the power to perform regular activities of life.


Without tractors and other sorts of machinery, farmers cannot imagine their agriculture procedure, which is a very understandable thing in this modern day world. In the previous days, when tractors and other necessary machinery is not available, people used to do all the agriculture procedures with their own hands and with some animals, which took so much time.

But now, fortunately, with the inventions of outstanding pieces of machinery like tractors and other vehicles, farmers can make their work on time without any extra man force.


Unfortunately, nowadays, many farmers facing some problems in their day to day life and unable to get the correct price of their agriculture production. It is one problem that makes agricultural people very weak, and slowly they started to stop agricultural things and look for other sorts of things instead of being the same agriculture work in their lands.

It is only because the Monopoly which is done by the many governments country is not at all good for the proper growth of the farmer and not many farmers started to protest against some basic laws which hurts them badly in the end.

Indian farmers

Farmers in the Indian subcontinent regions face some significant problems, which makes them measurable and forces them to do several protests on the Highways, railway stations, and so on in the same region of Indian country.

The new laws passed in the subcontinent region make the agriculture man enjoyed, and they started to protest against all the new laws from the central government. Many famous personalities also started to participate in the protest to save the farmers’ overall lives in the subcontinent regions of the Indian country.


For detailed information about the present-day conditions of the farmers in the world, you need to visit some particular YouTube channels where you will find some unique information which will work alone in to provide you all the things which you need to get to know the particular conditions of the former in the various parts of the world, especially in the Indian subcontinent region.

You can also get some other sort of things like the things that the farmers of the various countries mostly do to know about the living standards that are now farmers having.