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There are many steps to follow if you want to become a truck driver. You can either get it through your HGV Training Centre. Non-licensed truckers are not eligible for DOT licenses. Each state has its own requirements regarding the training required to obtain a driver’s licence.

HGV Training Centre

A basic trucking safety course is the first step to becoming a truck driver. This class will give you a basic understanding of the responsibilities and laws involved in truck driving jobs.

After you have passed the oral exam and completed the class successfully, you will need a truck driving program to meet the specific requirements to get your license. There are three phases in the licensing process. First, you will take an assigned course in preparation for your standardized test. Once you pass the examination you will receive your license and can legally become a truck driver.

After completing the truck driving course, you will need a supervised driving permit. This permit is required in order to drive commercial vehicles. To obtain a commercial driver’s license, you must pass both the written exam and the driving test. You can take the test online, or in person. You will spend a lot of time behind the wheel before you can drive your car for the first-time. This examination will determine if you are eligible to apply for the next commercial driver’s license.

Truck drivers are a very safe occupation. Many truck drivers rely on their trucking jobs for their primary source of income. This is why injuries and accidents are so common. If you are looking for a career that you can easily get behind the wheel of and helps you make good money, trucking may be the career choice for you. Just make sure you find a qualified trucking school so you can get the education and training needed to ensure you are safe behind the wheel.