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A chef on a boat ensures that all guests, owners, and crew are well fed and satisfied. Flexible thinking is required to accommodate different dietary requirements and allergies.

Chef jobs on yachts are very rewarding. It’s a well-paying career that offers unique travel experiences.

Working Hours

The working hours for a yacht chef vary depending on the season and location. During boating season, yacht chefs will be expected to stay on board from the early morning hours until late at night. During this period, the chef is in charge of cooking meals and serving drinks to guests. They must also clean and maintain all kitchen equipment and the kitchen itself.

chef jobs on yachts

A yacht chef’s work is often very demanding, as they must be able to provide food for guests with different culinary preferences and diets. Additionally, they must be able to handle emergency situations that may arise. If a guest has a food allergy or intolerance, for example, the chef should be able quickly to change the menu.

Many yacht chefs are also in charge of planning all the food for a long trip, which can be challenging. This includes planning the menus, ordering ingredients, and creating a list of everything that needs to be purchased before the yacht sets sail. The chef must also be able organize their work, and supplies as there is limited space on a boat. Chefs on yachts are not able to run out and purchase something they forgot, unlike chefs in land-based restaurants.

As a result, it is essential for yacht chefs to be organized and have good communication skills. They should be able explain clearly what each task is, and how it will get done. They should also be able to handle stress and pressure well. If a chef does not feel comfortable in these conditions, he or she may not be able succeed.

Chefs on yachts should also dress professionally. This means wearing neat and clean clothing, covering up tattoos and removing any piercings. They should also be polite and respectful when interacting with guests. This is especially important when meeting with the yacht owner or their representatives.

Working Conditions

Yacht chefs often work long days – particularly when charter guests are on board. They need to be available to guests at all times during their shifts. They may be required to prepare a late night snack such as a margarita or bacon pizza. They also need to be able to cook up high-quality meals in a very small space, as well as meet the dietary requirements of those on board.

A yacht chef will also be expected to create meal plans for the guests and crew based on the destination of the boat. They will be required to find products from different regions, and they must also make sure that all dishes comply with the yacht owner’s expense budget. The chefs on board the yacht will typically report to the head chef.

It is a rewarding experience to work on a boat. The chefs will be well respected and receive a good salary. In addition, the guests aboard give them tips. These tips can range from 5% up to 15% of the weekly fee. Chefs can be motivated to achieve excellence by receiving bonuses. On larger vessels, it is not unusual for chefs to earn more than EUR8,000 per month.

To be successful, a chef should have a solid culinary background. Ideally, they should have extensive experience in various restaurants and hotel kitchens, and they should be familiar with the latest food trends. A yacht chef needs to be flexible and able to adapt, since they will have limited space and equipment. They will also need to be inventive when it comes to finding local products, and their efforts are usually appreciated by the yacht owners.

A yacht chef must also maintain a portfolio throughout their career. This should include photos of the best dishes, menus and references. This is essential for anyone seeking a position of head chef. They will be expected have extensive experience in the culinary and management aspects of running an entire kitchen.


If you’re considering becoming a chef on a yacht, it is essential that you have a lot of culinary experience. This can come from previous yachting or land-based positions. You must also demonstrate that you have the ability to cook for people with a variety of dietary needs and preferences. This includes vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies and intolerances. In addition, you need to be comfortable living and working on a boat for extended periods of time as you are not allowed off the yacht when it’s on charter.

The salary of a chef working on a yacht depends on the size and number of guests on board. A chef on a private yacht of a smaller size will earn about EUR6,000 per month. Those on larger yachts, such as those over 100 meters, can expect to make a little bit more.

It’s worth noting that chefs on yachts often have to pay their own travel expenses, as well as the costs of food and other supplies. It’s therefore important to have a good savings account before taking on the role.

A chef is responsible for more than just cooking meals. They are also the managers of the food and drinks for the entire yacht. Chefs are expected to keep to the budgets set by the captain or owner and to ensure that the food is cooked to the highest standard.


A yacht chef will receive a generous tip depending on the length of cruise and the cost of charter. This is especially true for the head chef, whose role is considered the most important onboard. The head chef is also responsible for preparing meals for the crew every day. On Sunday evenings, they plan their weekly menus to ensure that there is enough food for the upcoming week. It is the responsibility of the head chef to prepare desserts and cakes for special occasions like crew birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

The chef will be responsible for ordering and sourcing all of the ingredients, supplies and equipment. They will also be responsible for managing the yacht’s provisioning budget. Chefs will have to be creative with their menus because yachts do not have the same kitchen equipment and space as restaurants. Having a well-stocked pantry is essential and it is common for chefs to work with the captain and interior departments to plan shopping lists before cruising.

Many chefs who work aboard yachts have prior restaurant experience. It is not necessary to have restaurant experience to be considered for a position. Applicants can enter the yacht industry through an entry-level position such as a galley hand or crew chef, which is a great way to learn about the industry and get hands-on kitchen experience.

If a chef has a successful time onboard, he or she will be promoted to head chef in a matter of months. This is an excellent career choice for those who want to travel the world, pay no rent and be rewarded.

Chefs can receive bonuses equivalent to a month’s wages. Although yacht chefs can earn high salaries, they are often required to work long and difficult hours. Nonetheless, yacht chefs are rewarded with a lot of time off, including six weeks paid holiday per year. This is a great benefit, as it helps offset the long hours.

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