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San Francisco is a city of highly skilled professionals with diverse culture and tradition, thus making it the most appealing place to live and work in. It is the home to make innovative industries. Any business would grow from research centres and networks, and the city offers it both. It also has highly developed technology and great transport infrastructure to instantly link to any part of the world.

What are economic clubs?

The Economic Club of San Francisco is a discussion and reading club open to everyone interested in matters of economy, tax policies and monetary systems. They provide its members with subjects about political economy, monetary systems, and taxation policies to discuss and talk about. Only the online discussion group is not the part of Economic Club of San Francisco, and it also holds regular meetings and personal interactions every first Tuesday of the month from 7 PM to 10 PM at Union Square in San Francisco. Anyone interested can join the meeting after informing the club. It also publishes books and readings for general awareness. Its meeting Cd’s and DVD’s are also available on various e-commerce websites like Amazon. Economic Club of San Francisco’s motto is “Sapere Aude”, a Latin phrase meaning “Dare to know”. The book listing provided by the club provides its logical readers with a clear idea about the political economy.

Book listing

Some of them listed with their authors are as below:


  • Debt and Delusion -Peter Warburton
  • Gold Wars -Ferdinand Lips
  • The decision in Philadelphia Christopher and James Collier
  • The Investor’s Guide to Economics – Charles Nelson
  • History of Money and Credit from John Law to the Present Charles Rist
  • Progress and Poverty -Henry George
  • Money, Power & Elections – Rodney Smith

Features of Economic Group of San Francisco

The following are the features of the economic group of san Francisco-

  • It is Free- No fee is charged for becoming a member
  • It is a restricted group- Only members within the forum can see and discuss its whereabouts.
  • It is a Non-Voting membership Organisation-Thus becoming a member is easy.
  • Members cannot hide their personal information like email addresses.
  • It permits its members to post attachment to validate their sayings
  • It is listed in the Yahoo Groups directory.
  • All members can post messages and share their ideas and views.
  • Though no fees charged yet, membership requires approval.
  • No messages are moderated

Advantages of joining Economic Club of San Francisco

The following are the advantages of joining the economic club of San Francisco-

  • Members are invited to events help every month to share their views and expertise about the beaming new hot topics
  • No Fees and membership criteria, absolutely free and can be joined by anyone interested in these areas of the economy.
  • Gives an expert insight into the executive conversations and exclusive opportunities regarding the current developments in the country.
  • Best for new joiners who have a beaming hope for learning and growing their economic fists

Gives you a better idea about the market and industry and hence makes better outcomes with investments.